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Escort service and contraception – important but boring and unerotic?

For many people, contraception is a painful but nevertheless very important topic. Also – or especially – in the sex trade. Nowadays, the selection of condoms is more than extensive: ribbed, studded, extra thin, flavored or enriched with stimulating gels - and this is just a small selection. The fact is: Condoms promise extra fun for your love life! Just because sex should be a safe thing doesn't mean that contraception has to be boring or take away the magic of the moment. That's why let's take a look at the broad spectrum that is available to us.

Escort service and contraception – many different options

Condoms are known to be the most effective protection against disease and pregnancy. This is perfect, because in the escort service, condom protection is an absolute must for every intercourse. So it's a good thing that there are all sorts of other options for contraception in addition to the classic condom. Did you know that there are even extension condoms? Not that you need it, but just for fun. An extension condom not only makes your penis a few centimeters longer in no time, but also fuller and thicker. And of course completely painless! Maximum, enjoyable fun including protection! What could be better?

Take, for example, the lick cloth, which is designed to provide protection during any type of oral sex that does not just involve the man's penis. The use of these wafer-thin latex cloths can even increase the pleasure of rimming or cunnilingus. Leak wipes are also available in different designs. For example with latex or latex-free, with strawberry flavor or cola. Different coatings and thicknesses promise carefree licking pleasure and are effective protection, especially during anal tongue play.

But if you want to ensure that you are protected when stimulating with your fingers - for example in the event of skin abrasions - we can also recommend finger condoms. These can be used not only for your own fingers, but also for small sex toys. They can be easily rolled over your finger and ensure unlimited pleasure.

Since contraception is not just a man's responsibility, there are also female condoms that women can use to actively use contraception and are a great alternative to male condoms. One advantage is that there is no longer any need to put them on, which is often perceived as annoying, as they can be worn by women right from the start.

Last but not least, we would also like to point out the special anal condoms that ensure safe fun on your anal journey of discovery. Of course, normal condoms are also suitable for anal sex, but anal condoms are more robust. Because anal sex can sometimes be very wild and this puts condoms under particular strain. However, extra-safe and strong condoms can take on any erotic anal adventure without weakening. They are usually also coated with a special lubricant and therefore offer absolute safety and worry-free pleasure.


As you can see, there is appropriate protection for every purpose and it definitely doesn't have to be boring or unerotic. Anyone who is experienced in using condoms knows how to incorporate them into lovemaking without the moment losing its sexual tension. And let's be honest: We'd rather invest a few seconds to ensure mutual protection than get a nasty surprise at the end.

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