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Alba - late 20s from Hamburg
Alea - mid-30s from Frankfurt
Alessandra - mid 20s from Hamburg
Alexa - late 20s from Hamburg
Alice - mid 20s from Hamburg
Anna - early 20s from Hamburg
Aurelia - mid-30s from Hamburg
Beatrice - early 30s from Berlin
Bella - late 20s from Hamburg
Bia - late 20s from Hanover
Charo - early 40s from Hamburg
Chloé - mid-20s from Hamburg
Claire - mid-30s from Hamburg
Clara - early 20s from Hamburg
Emi - late 20s from Hanover
Emma - mid-20s from Hamburg
Gina - early 40s from Berlin
Isabella - early 30s from Bremen
Jenny - mid-30s from Dresden
Jessica - late 20s from Berlin
Jessy - mid-20s from Hamburg
Jolien - mid-30s from Hamburg
Josy - mid-30s from Frankfurt
July - early 20s from Hamburg
Leonie - late 20s from Hamburg
Lia - late 20s from Hamburg
Lilly - early 20s from Hanover
Linea - early 20s from Berlin
Lizz - early 20s from Hamburg
Lucia - early 30s from Hanover
Luna - late 30s from Hamburg
Luu - mid-20s from Hamburg
Madelaine - late 20s from Hamburg
Malou - mid 20s from Bremen
Romy - early 30s from Hamburg

HIGH CLASS escort ladies

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