Bi games

Bisexuality is a topic that has always concerned men and women extensively and fascinated them in one way or another. In many people's fantasies, lovemaking with a partner of the same sex is very fascinating and takes up a large part of their sexual fantasies. Surveys show that both sexes are equally interested in this type of new sexual territory.

Becoming more and more common Escorts asked about bisexual dates

As great as the fascination with bisexuality is, unfortunately only a few people have the courage to live it out and try it out for themselves. Sex with the same sex is generally considered licentious, wild and exciting. You are entering new territory and are excited about the new experience.

For example, watch how both ladies pamper each other and enjoy the spectacle. Or let both ladies pamper you at the same time and put your satisfaction first. You can also let the ladies woo you and pamper you one after the other and get your money's worth. This type of sex can open up whole new worlds and take you down new paths.

At our Escort service the chemistry is right

Our models have already had one or two experiences with bi-sex. However, the chemistry has to be right so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest. Our Mistress Escort models are very open-minded in this regard. Our escorts can also be requested as a duo.