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French kiss – always more popular and in demand

Kissing is a science in itself and one of the most intimate experiences. But what does passionate kissing with the tongue do to our bodies?
A good kiss makes our bodies shudder with electricity and increases the anticipation of what is to come. Sex hormones and feelings of happiness are released. French kissing is often a foreplay before actual foreplay and can be just as exciting as exploring your body with your hands or mouth. For many people, the French kiss is often much more intimate than the sexual act itself.

French kisses as part of Escort service

Much to the chagrin of many customers, for a long time only a few models agreed to French kissing because it was too intimate for them. And there are still many models who don't want to share this intimacy with our customers. Nevertheless, attitudes towards this have changed over the years and are being offered more and more often.
A French kiss is about more than that. A gentle lick on the lips, teasing with the tip of the tongue and the first probing with the tongue. All of this is part of a French kiss.
A good kiss is an erotic and hot beginning for both the customer and the model. Skilled French kisses are part of the Mistress Escort service.