French is known to be the most romantic and erotic language in the world.
However, when you think of the word French, you not only hear the melodic language, but also think of the art of oral gratification, which is also often referred to as French.
Oral sex describes satisfying your partner with your mouth – more specifically, your lips and tongue. Our models Escort services know exactly how to really pamper a man and are happy to respond to individual wishes and ideas in order to create an unforgettable, intimate experience.
No matter how - as a couple, as a threesome, enjoying or practicing - French sex is one of the absolute favorites in the bedroom. The intimate game of give and take creates very special erotic moments.

What constitutes sex in French?

French sex is particularly stimulating because oral satisfaction makes you feel your sexual partner particularly intensely and, above all, it is a very intimate form of sexual intercourse. Among other things, because the sense of taste is stimulated and the focus is only on one partner and the focus is on pure pampering.
As is well known, oral sex is often used as part of foreplay to create the right mood and increase desire for each other. Oral gratification is known to be a very indulgent sexual practice. When it comes to the use of tongue and lips, there are no limits to your imagination.
Who doesn't know it: Even with a skillful foreplay you can relax, let yourself go and simply enjoy being pampered. It doesn't matter whether you're lying down, standing or sitting - French is suitable for fun in almost any place. Even better than enjoying yourself alone is to satisfy yourself in this way at the same time, by practicing the well-known position 69. In this position it is not only possible to pleasure each other at the same time, but also to bring each other to climax and, above all, at the same time. Gentle caresses on the erogenous zones lead to even more pleasure.
No matter how it is carried out, this sexual practice depends on the skill and sensitivity of the person performing it as they pamper their sexual partner using all the arts of French sex. Licking, sucking, playing with the tongue, tender kisses, gentle bites - anything that pleases is allowed.

French with the models of Mistress escort

At Mistress Escort our top priority is that our models have fun with what they do. They not only enjoy their own sexuality, but also intimate and passionate togetherness.
Not only is their own pleasure important to them, but also that of their sexual partners and they enjoy pampering you to the fullest.
In everyday life it is visibly difficult to find someone who not only masters oral gratification, but also devotes himself to it and has fun doing it. That's why it's important to us at Mistress Escorts to offer you an authentic and erotic experience in a class of its own.