A duo – or better known as a “ménage-à-trois” and “threesome” – describes a sexual practice in which three people are sexually involved. There are many couples who get a little variety in bed with a third partner, but threesomes are also very popular with escorts and are a nice change and can also be a breathtaking experience.

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It's no secret that many men dream of being pampered by two women who are there just for him. Or even watching the two ladies tenderly touching, kissing and wooing each other. How they give each other pleasure and how he lets himself be carried away by this pleasure.

It is entirely up to you which role you want to take on – active or passive. Would you like to play along or would you rather just watch the two escorts? Like all other sexual practices, it's all about enjoyment. No stress, no pressure. Simply switch off, enjoy and let yourself be pampered. Let yourself be surprised at what an evening with two of our escorts has in store for you.

Whether the chemistry between the escort models is right is also important. Our escorts often already have experience as a duo and therefore know which duo partner they can work with. This way, the experience will not only be unforgettable for you.

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