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Several gentlemen

Sex can be experienced in a variety of positions and a wide variety of fetishes. People are becoming more and more open and daring to live out their preferences and are becoming more and more curious about new experiences.

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The idea of a lady being served by several men is also a common fantasy. This sexual practice is better known under the name “gangbang” or “group sex” and is a frequent topic in porn films.

The definition of “several men” usually starts with a total of three participants – i.e. the model and at least two men. There is no defined maximum here. This depends on your own preferences and what you agree with the model.

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to group sex - as with all other types of games - and role-playing games are often included in group sex. But especially for men - or rather "cuckolds" - it is also extremely exciting to watch a lady being satisfied by other men.

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