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Role playing games

Some sexual fantasies are best lived out by dressing appropriately and getting into character. Here, sexual desire is satisfied by one or both partners slipping into certain roles from foreplay to the end of the sexual act. Erotic role games offer a wide variety of opportunities to rediscover yourself and your desire.

Our models from Mistress escort know the most common wishes

Many escorts know the most frequently requested roles and are prepared accordingly with appropriate disguises, behaviors and possibly even sex toys if desired.

However, role-playing games are not simply fantasies about pleasing a certain type of person. Role-playing often results in a playful power imbalance, which makes the role-playing game particularly attractive. In addition, all the emotions released activate brain regions that are very close to the pleasure center. The pulse increases, which increases the intensity of the role play. Depending on the intensity of the role play, even light SM games can be included.

Role-playing games are done with ours Escorts to particularly deep experiences

For most men, every detail counts when it comes to role play. It is all the more important to discuss your preferences beforehand so that our escort models can prepare perfectly. This is the only way to guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience for you. There is no monotony with our escorts.