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Escort service and prostitution – the difference

Very often, escort ladies are put in a drawer with prostitutes, even though they are completely different professions. This is because many people still have little idea about careers in this sector. For this reason, everything is lumped together when it comes to sexual services from women to men. As a result, the job of an escort lady is unfortunately still viewed as a less respected profession and is burdened with many prejudices. Whenever a woman claims to earn money as an escort lady, she is accused of simply using a nicer word for prostitution. There are many and, above all, concrete differences between these two professions. Everyone can and should be proud of their profession - including escort ladies. Because as an escort lady you have to have certain qualities and skills in order to be able to practice this profession. Of course, this does not mean that the profession of prostitute is any less good or demanding. Both professions are important and deserve more recognition without being devalued. It's time for more people to understand what these women can and do. No matter what reasons you choose one of these careers; the women who practice this profession deserve respect. But in order for this to resonate with people, they must first be made aware of what exactly this work entails. That's why we take a careful look at the differences.


The tasks of a prostitute

A prostitute is paid by the hour or service, which means that she should have as many customers as possible in the shortest possible time in order to earn well. In addition to the “normal” prostitutes, there are also high-class prostitutes who are booked for entire days or evenings and can therefore earn a lot. But in prostitution, the focus is on sexual performance. Mainly it's about fulfilling sexual desires and satisfying customers. The woman's needs are usually not relevant. However, that doesn't mean that the woman doesn't have fun.

Quite the opposite: Women who like to have sex a lot and want to do it with strange men will have a lot of fun in their job and find fulfillment in their job. However, a good prostitute wants to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied and has been able to live out their fantasies. If so, there is a very high chance that he will come back and become a well-paying regular customer. There is also no question here that the prostitute has sex with her customers and always with the man in mind. Of course, prostitutes also have certain skills and specialties that can be of particular benefit to a customer. But the women generally have to offer a wide range of services and not exclude too many activities, as this can result in them only being able to serve a few customers.


The tasks of an escort lady

While in prostitution the focus is on the sexual service, with the escort lady it is on the companionship and companionship. For example, men can take an escort lady with them to activities such as the opera, the theater or an exhibition. If a woman is booked through the escort service, the man's main concern is not to be alone and he wants stimulating and entertaining company. It doesn't matter whether it's attending an official event or having dinner for two. If an escort lady is booked for an official event, these are often events where a female companion is even required. There are many businessmen who hardly have any time for a private life. Among other things, there are escort services for these businessmen through which they can then book a companion. Especially since the woman should desirably be stylish, educated and attractive. If we are honest with ourselves, it is more than difficult to find such a complete package. That's why men who are looking for just such a complete package are happy to spend a little money on it. This means that you can earn significantly more as an escort than with prostitution, without any necessary sexual interaction.

If an escort lady is booked, it is her job to show the man in the best light and to sweeten his event by cutting a good figure at his side. The main focus here is on intelligent conversations and correct demeanor. But even if it's just an evening together, educated men place a lot of value on women who are on an equal level with them. Like everyone else, they want to have good, in-depth conversations about current topics, their professional lives or even about much more private things. For example, some people find it easier to confide in a stranger than in friends or family. Sometimes men just want to be distracted from their everyday lives. Not only does the man have a fulfilling evening, but so does the escort lady.


How does an escort date work?

As soon as the man has decided on an escort lady and booked her, she will receive the details of the respective customer. These details tell her, among other things, what she was booked for, what industry the customer works in and how long she was booked for. With this information she can prepare perfectly for the date and, for example, find out about the client's profession so that the escort lady can shine with her knowledge - especially at public events.

Of course, the man won't miss it if the escort lady has dressed up especially for him. He appreciates it when the woman has taken the time to do stylish make-up, elegant clothing or a hairstyle that suits the event. This preparation is also an essential part of the working life of an escort lady. Nothing about the woman's appearance is cheap or suggestive. She accompanies the man throughout the evening, has interesting conversations with him and, if necessary, with other guests at an event. While the man is happy to have found such an elegant companion, the escort lady enjoys being treated like a lady and being in the company of successful, educated and interesting people.


The topic of sex in the escort service

Let's assume that the evening went perfectly and that the customer and the companion had fun and had a good time. They are now very likeable and the man also feels physically attracted to his pretty, charismatic and intelligent escort lady. Who wouldn't? After all, she embodies the complete package that he had imagined for this evening. He also had a great evening with her so far. But what happens next at this point?

As already mentioned, the focus of an escort is on company and companionship. In contrast to a prostitute, an escort lady is completely free to decide whether and, above all, how much physical contact she wants to have with the man. Sex is not a must when an escort lady has been booked. It's a bonus that can be the icing on the cake of a successful evening for both of you. Often, after a nice evening, it even ends up having sex with each other. For an escort lady, the focus is not on the customer's sexual satisfaction, but also on having fun herself. However, escort ladies only take this last step if they really want to and also feel attracted to the man.

Of course, it's not entirely wrong for this profession if the escort lady generally likes to have sex and is looking for a kick with previously unknown men. After all, sex is a possible part of an escort's job. An escort service is primarily a high-quality escort service from educated and stylish women and not a sexual service. However, what prostitution and escorting have in common is that a satisfied customer can become a regular customer who books the service regularly.

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