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Tips for a perfect escort date

On a date, the focus should always be on having fun and having a good time together. This also applies to a date with an escort lady. In order for you to have an unforgettable time with your escort lady, there are certain points you need to keep in mind. As with any meeting, there are behaviors that are well received and those that should be avoided. It doesn't matter whether you are about to go on your first escort date or have already enjoyed the company of a discreet companion several times. We thought about a few do's and don'ts for escort dates.

What is allowed on an escort date?

Preparation is the be-all and end-all, because only if you know exactly what you want from your (first) escort date can the evening be a success and your wish come true. That's why you should think about what you want to experience with your companion before booking. Maybe a romantic visit to a restaurant, a short trip together or even a visit to an art gallery. There are many different ways to enjoy time with your companion.

Do you expect punctuality and a well-groomed appearance from your companion? Then set a good example and show up to your escort date on time and in a well-groomed manner. After all, when you book, you agree on a place and a time. Therefore, be neither too early nor too late. This is the only way to guarantee a great dating experience.

Another point that should never be neglected is good and interesting conversations. There's nothing worse than awkward silence on a date. Start with a warm and appropriate greeting and don't rush in the door straight away. Stimulating topics about common interests are a good way to start a conversation and once you get started, you move from one topic to the next and have a very stimulating and interesting conversation.

What should be avoided?

A certain amount of nervousness and excitement is completely normal on a first escort date and is usually a sure sign of anticipation. But you shouldn't get too caught up in this feeling, as the mood can quickly change and the feeling tends to be negative. Try to relax by consciously taking deep breaths and distract yourself with everyday thoughts. There's no reason to be nervous. Enjoy the date and get involved in the situation. Experienced companions in particular know how to make nervousness disappear with targeted conversation.

We have all been taught manners since childhood. As a gentleman, style and etiquette should be important to you so that you do not take them off in the presence of the lady. It's better to avoid a calming drink before the date before you are no longer in control of your senses at the end of the evening. It is much better if you and your companion toast the date and have a good time.

Anonymity and discretion are two things that make up part of the magic of an escort date. During the date, they both immerse themselves in their own world and enjoy the time together. There is only you and your companion. It is precisely this anonymity and discretion that can quickly lead you to want to share personal things. Things you can't discuss with your friends or family. But please remember that your escort lady is not your therapist and that you can jeopardize the magic of the date by saying too much personal stuff.


In principle, an escort date is not complicated. Treat these dates like any other date. Don't pretend and try not to drive yourself crazy and enjoy the evening. After all, you and your companion want to have a nice evening. Remember good behavior and certain boundaries that should be adhered to and nothing will stand in the way of an unforgettable evening.

But despite all the tips, one thing should not be forgotten: mutual respect should always be in the foreground and be a basic requirement when you get together with someone Escort lady would like to meet.

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