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Small gifts for your date

Be it a sensual date with a professional escort, a blind date or a date with an acquaintance - there are some things that people should simply take into account. It should definitely not be an expensive present. The intention behind it can be very nice, but super expensive gifts are taboo. These convey to the lady that they want to bribe her with pompous gifts. Plus, you don’t want to be embarrassed when you first meet someone. However, this will be the case with expensive or oversized gifts. In this regard, more does not mean that it is better. Therefore, you should primarily focus on small gifts on the first date.

Many people find it unnecessary to bring a gift on the first date. With a little attention, you can also impress on a first date. In this regard, it is only important to choose the right gift.

Gifts – the ideal icebreakers

The first moments on a date with a lady are usually tense. Giving a gift is always nice. It also breaks the ice, lightens the mood and communication can begin. In addition, a date with an escort lady should first and foremost be direct and open. Another benefit of small gifts is the fact that they create even more intimacy and bonding between two people.

Small but nice

With a small gift you show the lady that you want to surprise her with something nice and that you have thought about it. Basically, this is a good thing. However, when buying a surprise, you should definitely not exaggerate. Therefore, you should definitely not come to a date with a box of wine, a huge bouquet of roses, valuable jewelry, expensive perfumes or an XXL box of chocolates. That would just be too much. In addition, a storm of enthusiasm from the lady would be a possible sign for you that material things are in the foreground.

On top of that, such gifts can also disrupt the flow of the date. Where to put the gifts if you spontaneously decide to go for a walk or have a drink in the bar.

The rule of thumb when buying a gift for your chosen one is: small but nice. Smaller gifts such as a single rose are therefore better. Such a gift also conveys to the lady that she has been thought of.

Individual presents instead of kitsch

The present for a date must be chosen wisely. With the wrong gift you can only collect negative points. This doesn't break the ice, but rather does the opposite. Therefore, you should avoid cheesy gifts such as gingerbread hearts with a declaration of love or cuddly toys. The lady may find this intrusive. The same goes for expensive gifts. However, hastily purchased gifts such as a key ring from the rummage table or flowers from the gas station are also a no-go. This only demonstrates appreciation and shows little style. In this case, it is better to come empty-handed.

With an individual present you are exactly right. Personalized chocolates, for example, are meant in a nice way. If you know that your date likes to listen to a certain type of music, read books or like a certain drink - then the choice will be made much easier for you. If the lady of your heart has a weakness for sweets, then you can't go wrong with chocolate either.

Creativity brings plus points

As a rule, most women like it when men take action. The same applies when choosing a gift. If you are very creative or even conjure up something of your own, then you are in the right place. A man with craftsmanship can make something useful or decorative. Picked flowers yourself instead of a purchased bouquet are much better and show even more attention.

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