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Is being an escort lady a career for me?

Maybe you're thinking about whether being an escort is right for you. Simply because this job sounds like a lot of fun and easy money to earn. It could be perfect, especially for a student or trainee, because the very flexible working hours and the valued good education mean you have the best conditions to find a job in this profession. But the job of an escort brings with it a lot of prejudices and pigeonholing, which can lead to various fears for a career starter. This is exactly why we wrote this blog post, so that you can find out for yourself whether being an escort lady is really the right profession for you.

Profession as an escort lady – the appropriate education

Gentlemen who book an escort lady attach great importance to being able to have animated and intelligent conversations. This is about current world events, politics and culture and much more. So if you have a wide range of interests and would like to further your education, then that is a big plus point. Before you worry that you have to shine with special knowledge, don't worry: an event or meal is not a test and your knowledge will not be tested. Nevertheless, you should have a wide range of interests and, above all, be informed in order to be able to have an interesting conversation. 

Not only the customers, but you too will benefit from a good conversation. This can open up whole new worlds and give you knowledge that you may not have had before. You also make new contacts. It is also very pleasant to talk to educated men with exciting jobs.

Good small talk needs to be learned

Of course, a date between a gentleman and an escort lady does not always involve highly complex topics. Small talk that can be had during dinner is important. The most important thing is that the gentleman feels relaxed and can enjoy your company. Small talk can also be about banalities or simply having fun in a casual exchange.

So if you are a person who rarely runs out of topics and likes to tell stories, but can also listen carefully and ask questions, then you will definitely enjoy becoming an escort. Of course, small talk doesn't just have to be with the gentlemen who booked you, but also with many other people. Especially when you accompany the customer to an event. Through these events you also gain added value for yourself: you become more self-confident and more eloquent and sophisticated.

Can you make the other person feel good?

Do people often tell you that you are very warm and talkative? Maybe they even give you the compliment that they feel comfortable in your company and that it's easy to start a conversation with you. These are exactly the qualities that are worth their weight in gold for a part-time job as an escort. Because that's what it's all about: offering the gentleman pleasant company and making them feel like you enjoy spending time with them. 

A conversation should be relaxed and fun. The customer should enjoy having you around and want to spend an event or dinner with you without it seeming forced and stiff. So if you can put a smile on people's faces and make them feel like you enjoy dealing with them, then this is another plus point for your career as an escort.

Do you like making new acquaintances?

If you want to become an escort, you should keep in mind that gentlemen want your support and company, but of course they cannot spend all their time with you. So you should be able to approach strangers easily and happily. As an escort, you have every opportunity to get to know a wide variety of personalities and engage in exciting conversations. 

As an escort you experience a lot of new things and this is priceless, especially as a student or trainee, because with your own budget you would never be able to attend the events that customers take you to. Depending on how willing you are to travel, you will get to know many different places in the world and over time you will get a good feel for people, culture, economy and many other topics. 

Make a good impression

Appearances are of course not unimportant for an escort lady, but that's not all. Nevertheless, it is an important part of this profession. Because every man would like to have a beautiful woman by his side.

Try to imagine the following: You prepare for your date by grooming yourself extensively, creating a beautiful hairstyle, putting on subtle and stylish make-up and slipping into a wonderful dress. Then you choose discreet jewelry and you know exactly what is too much and what is too little.

Next to your companion you feel like a real lady and you are treated like one by him. You feel good and important too. Move elegantly through the room and you know exactly that your companion is the envy of you. You show off your best side all day long and give your companion the feeling that they have made the right choice. You like to be a feast for the eyes and know your impact on others. 

If that's something you identify with, then nothing stands in the way of your part-time job as an escort!

A little bonus: sex with strangers

A sensitive topic, because escorting is often still equated with prostitution. Sex is not a must when you work as an escort, but it can certainly be part of the job - but not always. Above all, you should always remember that you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. If at the end of a successful evening you and the customer feel a certain attraction and want to get closer to each other, then this always happens by mutual consent.

You are a beautiful, sexy young woman with whom the gentleman had a great time chatting and enjoying himself throughout the evening. So you are exactly the complete package he wanted. It often happens that your customers express intimate wishes. That's why it's an advantage as an escort if you're not averse to physical contact and sexual adventures.

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